Root Canal

Root Canal

Root canal therapy, also known as endodontics, is a specialized dental procedure that helps treat issues related to the tooth's pulp. The “pulp” is the soft tissue inside your tooth that contains nerves and blood vessels. Once the pulp is damaged or infected it is referred to as “irreversible pulpitis.” Root Canal Therapy is the best way to treat your tooth without having to extract it.

What dental conditions can make you undergo a root canal treatment?

Common dental conditions include:

  • Severe tooth decay: Deep tooth decay or untreated dental cavities can extend to the tooth’s nerve causing an infection from the spread of bacteria.
  • Chipped or cracked tooth: Having a chipped or cracked tooth can pave the way for the bacteria to get in contact with the nerve of the tooth.
  • Tooth trauma: A trauma such as serious injuries from active sports, falls, an accident, etc.,can damage the tooth and possibly the nerve inside the tooth. This requires immediate attention from your dentist.
  • Extensive dental work: Getting multiple dental fillings on the same tooth due to recurrent decay increases the chances of irritation to the nerve, which can lead to needing a root canal.
  • Dental Abscess: If left untreated the infected tooth can lead to swelling of the gums and/or the face, extreme pain, and could cause the infection to directly affect other parts of your body.

When do you need root canal therapy?

Signs and symptoms that show you need to get a root canal are:

  • Immense pain on and near the diseased tooth
  • A feeling of constant pressure in the mouth
  • Swelling
  • Extreme sensitivity in your gums
  • Pain while biting down on food
  • Extreme sensitivity while consuming hot or cold foods

If you have any of these symptoms, we recommend you visit our office to get an evaluation.

What can you expect during root canal treatment?

Over the years Root Canal Therapy has been considered a painful procedure but, new techniques and technology have made root canals  relatively painless. The video below goes over the procedure in detail and what to expect.


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