Family Dentistry in York, PA

Family Dentistry in York, PA

Family dentistry encompasses all general health aspects, preventive and complete dental care for people of all ages. However, not all general practitioners are family dentists. Usually, family dentists have experience engaging with young kids, albeit not nearly as much as specialized pediatric dentists. This suggests why family dentistry is designed to assist parents and their children with their dental healthcare needs at all phases of life.

Importance of Family Dentistry 

Family dentists are aware that children's dental needs differ from adults, and they are trained to provide customized care to ensure that their specific oral hygiene requirements are addressed. 

A family dentist might be considered as a "one-stop-shop" for dental care. Family dentists are generally qualified to provide compassionate and sensitive treatment by understanding the changes in the patient's mouth at each development step. They will like to make sure that they have a good time every time a child visits for a consultation.

Services offered by Family Dentistry 

Family dentists provide not only dental care and preventative dentistry solutions but also orthodontic services, implant placement, and aesthetic dentistry. The following are some popular services:

Deep cleaning and exams every six months– Periodontal cleaning is essential, and six-month checkups are crucial because those enable your dentist to keep track of patients' oral health.

Fluoride procedures and dental fillings — Fluoride and dental sealants are commonly used in youngsters to help prevent infections.

Dental examinations and restorations - Because cavities are among the most prevalent avoidable children's illness, family dentists specialize in detecting and repairing cavities.

Orthodontic treatment — Many family dentists provide orthodontic exams and recommend you to a qualified specialist.

Gingivitis/Gum disease management- Periodontitis is common among adults. Family dentists address the issue with treatments including deep cleanings, gum patch surgery, and antibiotics.

Numerous services are available from most family dentists, but these are most prevalent.


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