Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that attends to patients who prefer to straighten their misaligned teeth. The dentists of Belmont Dental offer various orthodontic options to the patients that help them attain aligned teeth. 

Advantages of Orthodontics 

  • Orthodontic treatments help enhance the overall appearance of the patient. 
  • Orthodontics eliminate the gaps between the teeth
  • Orthodontic treatment helps correct the crowding of teeth
  • The treatment helps treat speech impairment in patients
  • It resolves bite conditions like overbite, underbite, and crossbite
  • The treatment promotes the overall oral hygiene of the patient
  • It improves the gum health of the patient

Treatment Procedures Under Orthodontics

Dentists offer two major types of orthodontic treatment options to patients. An ideal choice that best suits the requirement and comfort of the patient can be preferred for the treatment. 

Braces: Various braces like ceramic, lingual, and metal braces are performed in dentistry. The dentist analyzes the patient's dental health to understand the requirement for braces. The treatment is planned through the diagnostic report made with the help of digital imaging systems. Braces are set on the teeth with brackets and bands. It is put together on the wire and tightened, which helps push the teeth to the desired position. 

Smart Moves: Before initiating the treatment, the dentists evaluate the patient's overall dental health. The X-rays of the mouth are obtained. The impressions of the teeth are taken for the fabrication of the aligners. The dentist affixes the fabricated aligners to the teeth and checks for any adjustments to be made. 


The dentist instructs the patient to follow a good dental regime after the treatment procedure. Regular tightening dental appointments are compulsory for patients with braces. Aligners need to be changed as per the change in the position of the teeth. A special soft-bristled brush and a cleansing liquid are provided to patients undergoing Smart Moves treatment. The dentist also prescribes mouthwash, which should be used as per instructions to remove bacteria from the mouth.

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